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Veterinary Assistant

Animal Hospital of Martinsville is always looking for those who are passionate about veterinary care to join our team.

Want to be one of us? Join our Team! Animal Hospital of Martinsville is always looking for passionate veterinary professionals to join our team. Get to know our dedicated doctors & veterinary support staff.

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Thinking of becoming a Veterinarian?

Ichabod Ink is the first and only web community designed for aspiring veterinarians and their families. It is a resource where vet kids and teens can explore veterinary medicine. It is a unique way of helping future veterinarians connect with today’s veterinarians.

This website is complete with videos of veterinarians as they practice, listen to veterinarians as they answer questions from future veterinarians, play veterinary games and so much more. Visit and learn more about animal medicine/science and the first steps in to becoming a Veterinarian.

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Questions About Employment Opportunities?

Have questions? Contact our office with questions at (765) 349-7387.